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I wrote a post last week called Life- Now and Later. This was about living not only for today, but setting goals that will make a difference in our lives, now, later and for eternity. I’ve been thinking about why it is important to make a difference for others as well.

After watching the news this morning, I saw a consistent theme from those interviewed. One is a new author who had been abused while very young then placed in foster care when she was a teenager. Christina Meredith realized for those in the foster care system, many are homeless by the time they are 18 because they simply are no longer eligible for foster care. She just published a book called ” Cindergirl.” She began an organization that advocates for foster care children. She lived in her car for nearly a year, worked three jobs and inside of three years was crowned Ms California.

The second interview however, was done with Luke Perry, who just passed away yesterday from a massive stroke he had last week at 52 years of age. He said when he was young “I want to do something with my life. When my time here is up, I don’t want to look back and see I didn’t do anything. And “I want to happen to life, I dont want life to happen to me”

Some allow situations in their lives to stop them from moving ahead and making a difference. Others are convinced that they can make changes for themselves and improve the lives of others.

The theme I see is people who believe in making a difference!

I found that the number one person listed that has changed the world, ( is Jesus Christ! He gave his life, loved and cared for everyone before that time, then and ever since then. I see many different classifications of people who made it onto this list of 100 people who changed the world. I see humanitarians, philanthropists, philosophers, inventors, artists, composers, world leaders and those who fought for freedom listed.

So what matters to people? Is it a young woman making billions creating a make-up line? Some actors and actresses make a difference by only doing their daily job, entertaining people. Some find other causes to contribute and live for. Any of us can do our daily job(s) without thinking about the purpose we have for doing this or finding something that has greater purpose that we can contribute to. I find it is easy to ” just do” without thinking of our “why.”

There are so many things we can do and ways to make a difference. I find even small things can make an impact on others. A song called That’s How You Change The World, states well , “it’s the prayer in an empty room, little things we do when no one’s around, a hand reaching out to a heart in doubt, its the smallest spark, that can light the dark” ( Newsboys)

The mission of the college that my husband and I graduated from is: “educating students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.” ( Bryan College). This motivates me when I think about my purpose- to make a difference in today’s world!

I learn by surrounding myself with positive people who motivate me to make this difference. I consider who I am around, what I believe and what they believe about life ( our worldview) in order to impact lives.

I find we can make the most difference with what we value. What is important to us? What do we care about? Who do we care about?

When I look at the life of Christ, I see Him caring about the poor, the lowly and humble, the sick, little children and His disciples. He also demonstrates that He loves sinners! ” While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!” ( Romans 5:8) The fact that He died for us represents how He loved us enough to sacrifice His life for us!

Luke Perry was known for his love, feeding the poor, caring for elderly, simple acts of kindness towards others( in real life). He loved his family and that’s how they remember him!

Martin Luther King is most known for speaking up for Civil Rights as well as Rosa Parks. Princess Diana was often seen doing Philanthropic work all over the world, caring for those with AIDS. Corrie Ten Boom and her family is known for hiding and keeping safe, Jew’s who were sent to concentration camps.

I believe that how I make a difference resembles the legacy that I want to leave. I want to leave a legacy when I am no longer on earth, that I loved and served God, my spouse, my children, extended family, and others. How will I be remembered?

Scripture calls life a “vapor.” One minute our life is here, the next minute, it’s gone. We have no idea when we will no longer be around, what will take us or why we will no longer live on earth.

I heard a phrase when growing up that I’ve remembered for many years.

” Only one life

T’will soon be past;

Only what’s done

for Christ will last.”

Let’s think about how we can make a difference and change the world!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

– Winston Churchill

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