Preserving Life

One by one, states are standing up for life. Take for instance, this week in Alabama, their governor passed a very strict law with no exceptions even with instances of rape and incest.  Other states are passing laws allowing up to certain points in a baby’s development such as the heartbeat bill which says that an abortion is illegal once the fetal heartbeat is recognized.  Some states are not going as far as people would like. In other states, people feel they are going too far. I have heard many arguments and exceptions as to why it is acceptable to abort a baby.

One argument that I have read is that too many babies are born and end up in the foster care system. I have a problem with this because we don’t know that each baby is going to end up in foster care! Many are adopted. Many are wanted. Why are we assuming that each one, each individual life, will end up in this predicament? This is taking life into our own hands and deciding what we will do ahead of time.

Another argument used to support abortion, is that that many babies or children are physically hurt, even murdered because mother’s are too stressed. So they ask, why don’t we just kill them anyways ahead of time so that we avoid that potential problem altogether?

I have a serious problem with the reason I just mentioned! How are we to know what is going to happen in one’s life? Why do we just go ahead because something bad might happen? Something bad might happen to any or all of us! That is treating someone (And these babies are human beings) as very disposable and taking control ” just in case!”

We don’t kill ” just in case.” We prevent, “just in case” and there is a huge difference between preventing from the beginning and killing life that has started and still is growing and forming! Incidentally then, this becomes the standard according  to what every state wants to allow.  So we will then accept what every woman wants , who decides to terminate their child’s life ” just in case.”

Additional reasons I have heard to justify an abortion, is the mothers health, rape and incest.  They are tough situations to be in. It is still human life regardless. Where do we draw the line, but to have true standards? Do we say if using the mother’s health reason, is it her physical health or her mental health or again, just a convenience?

Many have been told that their baby or the mother has a health problem and the pregnancy should be terminated. I look at Tim Tebow’s example in this situation. His mother (Pam Tebow) was told that she should terminate her pregnancy for health reasons. She was told that she had a tumor. She and her husband chose not to abort.  Tim has become an incredible athlete and authors books as well.  We never know what will happen. I have heard countless stories like this one. Some are sad and some are happy! When we make a choice to control situations on our own, we don’t give any opportunity to see a miracle happen and for anyone to have an unexpected blessing in their life.

I hear many equating an early abortion to a miscarriage. By definition, an abortion is a Deliberate Termination of a pregnancy! It is not an accidental death, which is what happens with a miscarriage! Those who have had miscarriages are upset at their loss, not choosing to end it!

I understand that a baby coming unexpectedly is difficult and can be very inconvenient to some. I also believe that making a decision can be very difficult, but please, check out the FACTS, look at ALL of the options to preserve life. Please, I encourage you, do not look at convenience or hypothetical situations. This is not how to deal with human life!

I have read many who believe that this is a grey area to choose what will be done and not a black and white decision. ” Thou salt not kill” is quite clear in the Bible. Convenience says ” I won’t be bothered or I will terminate ” just in case”. Responsibility says” I will find a way to preserve this life even if I can’t care for a child myself, I make a way, because I took part in creating him/her or them(in the case of twins).

You will see on the chart listed below, many of the reasons used to justify abortion. These reasons are spoken of often, however, the percentages for these situations and reasons are very low. Given that Planned Parenthood derives most of their income from the abortion industry, it is easy to see why these reasons are given to justify abortion. Please carefully consider what you do and what you advise others do with the lives they are responsible for.


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