Prayer for Peace

Till The Last Shot’s Fired by Trace Adkins

Today, John Walker Lindh, an American man who was captured during the war on terrorism in Afghanistan, was released from prison, but under a three year supervision. I believe this is a mistake when many are kept in prison until their sentence is completed. This man is still a threat to our country. He is charged with several conspiracy charges which include murder and support to terrorist organizations.

I remember 9/11 very clearly. I woke up to watch the news that morning as I always do. I was getting my family ready for the day, making breakfast for our kids, ready to start their school day and seeing my husband off to class as well. One catastrophe after another happened. The Twin Towers crashed, an airplane went down in Pennsylvania, then at the Pentagon. It was one event after the next, a very scary day that led to our President George W.Bush making some hard decisions but for the sake of protecting our country, the United States of America.

I read and hear stories of students today told in school, that we should not fight in war. They are no longer taught the value and the cost of their freedom and what having freedom even means for them. Many don’t understand when and why are country was started. History books in schools are now being re-written. History tells what happened, not one’s view of how life is perceived. To them, patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day and other holidays, are simply another day off of school or a day to eat with their family and friends.

We know of many other battles and wars. Some are over and some still continue. While we celebrate Memorial Day, let us not forget those who already gave their life for our country’s safety and freedom, Let us continue to pray for safety for those giving their lives still. Let us also pray for those making decisions that affect our safety.

Honoring my father-in-law: Thomas Duncan
Honoring my father-in-law: Thomas Duncan

And every time I hear twenty-one guns

I know they brought another hero home to us

We’re thankful for those thankful

For the things we’ve done

We can Rest In Peace

Cause we are the chosen ones

We made it to Arlington

Arlington, by Trace Adkins

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  1. Thanks for honoring Daddy in you blog. He would have been so proud of you and your blog.❤️

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