Who We Should Thank and Why- Understand the Sacrifice!

It is important to understand who we should thank and why we should be thankful. We have a specific day in November each year set aside for Thanksgiving. It is a fun day to get together with family and friends to eat. Sometimes we get ourselves worked up over all the details we put into this day. We often take turns telling each other what we are thankful for. Even if we have had a tough year, we can still find something for which we are grateful. Being thankful should make us aware of who we should be thankful to and why we have what we have. We should appreciate the sacrifices made on our behalf.

Reliable- Those We Can Thank!

This weekend, I went with my husband, Daniel, to see the movie Midway. http://moviemidway. It is about the Battle of Midway which took place just after Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was attacked by the Japanese in World War II.

There were two quotes also that caught my attention. They are:

“you’ll remember this moment for the rest of your life. If you know that you came through, when people are counting on you, you’ll be able to face anything.”

LT Dick Best

He stated this when the U. S. Navy was persevering during the Battle of Midway in 1942 against the Imperial Japanese for four days.

I have not always watched movies about wars and the events surrounding them. I really enjoyed this movie though. Several things resonated with me. I appreciate how the wives stayed close to support their husbands. I also love how they wanted their children to know their father. The fathers were reliable. They could be trusted. They could be counted on! Fathers, as a rule, were willing as a result to take risks, to face and sacrifice what was necessary to protect their nation and their family.

Who I Should Thank and What should I Be Thankful For ?

How often do we think of people who we are thankful for? Some of our family members gave their time and sacrifice in going to war for our nation. They took a risk physically, knowing they may never return home.

We also can think of day to day situations like our parents sacrificing daily for us when we were young and when we are adults as well. This is what they sacrificed! Some parents work some very difficult physical jobs and/ or work more than one job. I know parents ( including my husband and I) who returned to college after we had children, to make a better life for our children and offer better opportunities for them.

It is difficult and quite a sacrifice when we know that other people in our life are counting on us to come through when we commit to do something. We go from day to day, figuring out how we can work to accomplish what we need to and care for ourselves and our family. This motivation though, keeps us going. We keep our goals in front of us!

Staying on Task

Some ways to accomplish goals we have, to keep motivated are:

  • Take a picture and place it in front of us, to look at it often, where we look on a regular basis.
  • Set a date! Put a date in front of you for which you plan to accomplish it by. For instance, if you have a graduation coming up, set the date on your calendar and look at it often. I had to think of this often when my husband was in college, and when I went to college as well! This kept me going and kept my husband going.
  • Keep things as stable as possible. It is really easy to let the world fall apart when there is so much change. While our kids stayed busy with friends, church, school and our family; it was best that we have at least one meal a day together as a family which we worked around Daniel’s school and work schedule. Time with their dad every opportunity they could have it, was very important!

Let us continue knowing who we should thank and why we should be thankful! http://heartshare.blog

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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  1. An interesting post, congratulations on becoming a grandparent, Twins? Thank you for the follow…I hope you have a Happy and Joyous Festive Season πŸ™‚

  2. Great insight for the holiday. Sacrifice and service for our country and our families are the greatest goals one can have. Being thankful and grateful today to those who care so much.

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