I Miss The Days When: We Created, Gave and Invested

I miss the days when I Knew that our family would be at home for the holidays. I miss creating, giving and investing in time together!

We Created Together

Being creative, we decorated gingerbread houses for many years! By the way, here is a neat “how-to” video on gingerbread houses:


We baked, shaped and frosted cookies together. Mom cooked fudge each year to send out to family and have some of our own! We licked the bowls and enjoyed this time together!

Decorating each year, trimming the tree, we then set up the nativity! https://heartshare.blog/2019/11/02/top-10-ways-to-prepare-for-the-holidays/

We Gave Together

We gave to each other and made for each other! Packing, shipping, writing and signing cards, we gave to other family and friends also! Taking pictures added to the joy of sharing!

We Invested Time Together

Smiling, Hugging, we watched movies, listened to music, played games and read the Christmas story found in the Bible, in Luke 2:2-20.

How We Feel, What We Hope For Again

We miss everyone as we live so spread out now. Also, we hope that we can get together as much as possible in the future and communicate as often as possible. Please don’t let the negative, keep us from trying. As our family expands, let us try to see each other as much as we are able and maintain a special bond. I hope we can keep what is important, in perspective.

I miss the days! I hope they come back again!

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  1. Season of Change in our lives – when children grow up, leave home, become parents – present us with opportunities to grow and change as well. And to celebrate lives well lived, looking forward to newness wiht a grateful heart. A grace filled life.
    May your life be such.
    Thank you for the follow – truly appreciated

  2. I can relate! Because of distance and work schedules, two of my adult children won’t be with our family this Thanksgiving. But we should all be together in person for Christmas which will be special because last year my youngest daughter was in another country and we Skyped with her on Christmas Day. I hope you can make more memories with your family soon.

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