Calm in the Chaos – Choose A Silent Night!

I Need a Silent Night – Amy Grant

“Keep going” seemed to be the theme of our family’s life for many years. We didn’t stop! This year for Christmas and as we begin 2021, we choose a silent night!

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;

Psalm 46:10

Life Theme In the Past

The choice to slow down instead of rushing to accomplish tasks, or go on another trip, is that a choice! Why do we get ourselves so wound up trying to please people, to please ourselves and then become exhausted in the process? Make a decision to find peace and contentment in your life! It will help with the stress you often find yourself and your family in.

New Choices

It is one trip after another for each holiday. It is not to say that we didn’t want to see family, but this year we realized the need to calm down, reevaluate and in some instances, stop. My husband took time off for the holidays. Historically, he took time off and came back exhausted after his “vacation”. We decided to take a real break and feel refreshed so that he was ready to get back to work.

We did have some projects to work on in our house. Actually lots of projects we needed to work on. We did do some work, but not nearly as many as we planned, but that is ok. Work will be around still. The whole point of a vacation is to really take a break.

Joy vs Grief; Chaos vs Peace

Church services on and around Christmas Eve kept us busy for two days, these were a joy! We got together a few times with friends on Christmas day and New Years Eve. Making food gifts and sending them out was also really special, but we weren’t out every day being stressed about what we were going to get each person at the store and shipping it out. We were not out fighting traffic. In the past, I would have been irritated and stressed at the mall, and exhausted by the time I got home. I don’t find that really helps celebrate the joy of Christmas, and finding peace in this time of year.

People were rushing and stressed about getting their Christmas shopping done. We were not! Many asked us if we were ready for Christmas. It was great to be able to answer “yes” or “we were very close”! We were thankful to not be in so great a panic! A choice that we make in our life is how stressed we allow ourselves to get.

With Covid this year, many of us did not go visit family. We did not go out to eat or shop in our normal stores. Amazon is truly a gift, a relief. It helps alot not having to drive from store to store or getting out in weather and being stressed.

Covid Lessons

I think that Covid really has taught many of us, to value our family, being quiet, not being in a rush constantly. For many who lead a rushed life with their job, and are able to stay working from home, it is truly a relief. Sometimes we have to stop and evaluate our lives and see where we need change, where we need space so that we don’t burn out!

For me, chronic illness and not driving for over four years due to seizures, I had to learn to not be rushed constantly. I had to learn to be content being at home often and not constantly out doing something like shopping. Something I loved doing in the past! Sometimes it’s better to just take time to be grateful (ref: Attitude of Gratitude).

This doesn’t apply only at Christmas time! We have to change the chaos in our life, make choices that settle our life down! Finding peace and contentment in our life in the little things, will help us in calming and slowing our life down. Choose A Silent Night!

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  1. I agree with you that ccp/covid has taught many to slow down. I have also found that there are gifts, lessons to learn from any illness if we but take the time to contemplate and open our eyes to see. For me, my spirituality deepened greatly and while I would never wish to go through that again, I am grateful for where it led me. Warm wishes to you on your journey and thank you for the follow. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing! I’m sorry to hear that you have had illness too, but glad that you recognize the strength we gain in the middle of it all! God bless you! Thank you for following also!

  2. I completely agree about this. For my family last Christmas was the easiest and most relaxed ever, because no rushing around visiting people or shopping trips.

    1. Ours was definitely a peaceful, no pressure Christmas! I like making things for specific family that really appreciates the effort. I hope you get to enjoy many more!

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