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This week I heard that “President Biden will commit to transparency at the border when his “plan” takes root“. We need transparency that allows us to See through the rhetoric and address the awful truth.

I however don’t see that true transparency takes place just at a certain time or event. It is a lifestyle choice of being clear, easy to understand and able to see through something as the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines transparency. This dictionary states transparency twice as a “quality.”

  • The quality that makes it possible to see through something
  • The quality that makes something obvious or easy to understand

An example when it comes to people who work in the field of business is that transparency “describes the situation that occurs when companies openly communicate important information to investors and shareholders.” They are not hiding, but they are openly communicating what happens in their daily business dealings.

Physical Examples

I think of a glass or plastic wrap(clear)when I think of transparency. During past holidays, I saw plastic wrap that is red or green. I can mainly see through it, but it is not 100% clear to me though.

If there is an item the same color or smudged on red or green, or even clear wrap, I will not be able to see through it clearly. I think of a glass the same way. If there is a dirty spot, I can’t see through the glass clearly. If I am wearing my glasses then I touch them with dirt on my fingers, I will not be able to see as clearly as I would if my glasses are not dirty.

Clothing is another example. Pantyhose for instance( not opaque) but clear, still shows the legs even though they may be a different shade. Some people wear clothing that is very see-through as if nothing is in the way!

Why I Am Concerned

The reason why I write this post today, is that the current events of the Border Crisis really upset me. Our press tells us that the current Administration claims that they are transparent or will be transparent when an event occurs. 

I don’t see transparency with our border crisis right now. If we have transparency, our government will not be ashamed to reveal what is happening at the U.S./Mexico border right now. Our news broadcasters report the news right there and then. Americans clearly see what is happening. The 19 Senators that visited at the end of the week, take pictures also.

What is happening is a true disgrace to so many! Our government tells us to take care of these children and their parents. In so many instances though, these “parents” are really not truly their parents. Their intent is to make it appear as if these children belong to them. Then they can come across the border. DNA tests though are proving that these children do NOT belong to them. 

The purpose in many cases is human (child) trafficking to use them to sell drugs and sex. Young girls are on birth control because many know what happens! It is incredibly sad! The children and young people will not have a better life here in the USA! Someone paid a lot of money in many cases in order to get what they want. The cartels are even “renting” and buying some of these children!

Thousands of people, many are children, are arriving daily. They are in “cages” or buildings designed for only a few hundred, yet thousands are currently there. This is also not helping get rid of Covid as many are coming in with covid and/or spreading covid soon after they arrive.

This doesn’t speak transparency to me! 

Personal Experience

Our family went to the border many years ago to do some mission work. I know others who have been to several locations along the border. Many people have family or friends that know the culture that exists at the border. The current border crisis is far worse now!

I can’t see an exact situation if I am not present or don’t view pictures or videos, but I can See Through when people try to hide and pretend that a situation does not exist, when I know for a fact that it does! It is unfortunate that we live in a culture that demonstrates that they don’t owe any transparency, integrity and accountability to people.

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  1. I appreciate your courageous willingness to speak the truth. Only by doing so may it encourage others to do the same and enable humanity and government to change for the better. We have too many American children in foster care who are not being adopted. Charity begins at home. Thank you for the post, and for the follow too. Warm wishes to you —

  2. Excellent Blog!!! Thank you so very much for the great post on transparency! (And thanks for stopping by my blog!). I’ll most certainly be back. You are a top quality writer and thinker!

  3. I just read your post on praying. I read Spurgeon everyday, but I have not read what you quoted about loving who you pray for. I have found it so true also. When I pray for someone, they become a part of my day. After awhile you are protective of them, always looking out for them, even if they have hurt you. That is the miracle of prayer and the answer for us all. You just keep blessing me.

    1. Thank you! I love knowing that I am making an impact on people’s lives! That is my hope and goal that the Lord uses me this way! God bless you and let me know if I can help somehow!

    1. I bet you do know a lot about what is going on and have first hand experience seeing some of it! I’m definitely praying! It breaks my heart, it breaks God’s heart and many others!

  4. In 2Tim.3 it talks about how hard to bear the evil will be. The Lord sees all and we know He hears our prayers. We must pray for the children. In these last days the Lord is looking for voices who will be willing to stand up and say “This Is Wrong!” I say good for you rduncanheart. You are truly a blessing.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I appreciate so much, those who stand against this also! It is SO wrong and so many in the government and those who aren’t paying attention, just turn a blind eye! It is sad! I noticed that Tim Tebow and his new wife Demi are ministering, standing against human trafficking too!

    1. It is hard to know! so many are stubborn and wont see things for what they really are! It breaks my heart for the children and families! They are lied to

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