I’m At Home Resting and Secure

The Reason For The World – Matthew West

The news isn’t good right now. We see it all over television. Down at the U.S/Mexico border, thousands are coming in daily. Some are coming in smuggling drugs, some are bringing in children to use for Human Trafficking and many other reasons. Two terrorists were just caught even today. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound secure to me. The definition of security is the state of being free from danger or threat. I thank God that my security isn’t in the news or in the government that is failing daily. I’m at home, resting and secure because my security is in Him and His plan for me.

Physically Secure

As people, we also don’t feel too secure naturally when we hear of our close family members receiving a scary medical diagnosis. We are about to go visit our granddaughter who will have surgery soon. We are very concerned for her as she is only two years old. My sister, thankfully just recovered a year ago from cancer. We are thrilled that we have good news now. But we don’t always receive good news. In fact, we literally just received some concerning news about someone we care about very much as I’ve been writing this post.

Our Secure Plans

Our plans are not certain some days. We pray and believe that God can and will heal. Believing only in Him, I have security and rest there. I look forward though to the day that I will be home again, in fact, I long for that! There is great security at Home! In fact scripture says…

“However, as it is written: ‘What no eye has seen, and what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived’ — the things God has prepared for those who love Him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9

Preparing and planning for trips is especially important to me; but for other events as well. I’m a detail person and a plan gives me security. I like to know what is happening and have my act together. This gives me a certain sense of security. When everything is up in the air and unknown, I find it very difficult and don’t know what to expect and that makes it hard for me to plan. It is hard to know and evaluate how to handle one decision after another when things are uncertain.

Personal Security

Handling details is something that, although tedious, I like to do. I work hard at preparing for any possible contingency. Last year, I was on a trip to see my sister. My husband, Daniel, and I were about an hour and a half away from home on a six hour trip when I realized that I did not have my medication with me. How did I miss that? It is something that I very much plan for and make sure I have with me, but somehow, it was not with me.

I didn’t feel very good about it and definitely didn’t feel good about myself. I’m normally so good at remembering these very critical, important items. Of course, we had to turn around, come back home and then head towards Wisconsin again; but it started the trip with a lot of insecurity for me.

We are getting ready to go on a trip soon to see our grandchildren. One of them, previously mentioned, is having surgery soon. I was previously planning two other times when we thought we would go, but didn’t. The uncertainty of not having a set date and plans really threw me off. I had different expectations of what was going to happen at that time, than what really happened. Around the same time, my sister and her family had different plans than what ended up happening for them as well. They expected to travel to the other side of the world, but it didn’t happen.

God VS Human Relationship Security

When God created Adam, then Eve; He had a purpose for them and all who would come after them. His purpose was for a relationship. He did not want to be alone, although He had angels in heaven already. He also did not want Adam to be alone. That is why He created Eve. Although they did not live in heaven, God created this amazing place called the Garden of Eden for them to live in. This was their home! And God walked with them and communicated with them daily!

Then something happened. The fallen angel, Lucifer, decided to tempt Eve; then Eve gave the fruit to Adam and he willfully sinned. Their sin then separated them from God. They KNEW that they did something wrong so they hid! They were naked and ashamed. No one told them; they just knew! Then God, the one who created them for a relationship, went looking for them, but they were hiding. He asked them why, (even though He knew the answer). They blamed each other. So God clothed them, but cast them out of that perfect place and put them in very imperfect situations and conditions. It really was a shame!

God’s plan was not to kick them out of the garden and see them suffer. He wanted good for them. He wants good for us now! But it will not be perfect! We will face trouble! We will have some good times in our life too, but it will not be without trouble and imperfection. But not until we see Him face to face again! We won’t see Him either as His creation, if we haven’t accepted the invitation to have a relationship with Him.

Spiritual Security

Religion teaches you that you have to DO something to please God.


It’s a matter of the heart, not looking a certain way to prove something to people. People also look at religions and decide that they don’t want any of this. Jesus said though, I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, no one comes to the Father but by me. He is alive, not someone who lived, then died and followed the sayings and teachings that were told many years ago; but someone who is alive today, tomorrow and forever. He is someone who we can talk to anytime. If we accept His desire for a relationship, we can have hope and peace regardless of what happens to us and to those we love. And because of this, I’m at home resting, safe and secure. Security is something I desire, how about you?

Security Doesn’t Depend on My Understanding

Maybe the reason for the pain, is so that we will pray for strength

And maybe the reason for the strength is so that we would not lose hope

And maybe the reason for our hope is so that we could face the world

And the reason for the world to make us long for Home!

The Reason for the World by Matthew West

We certainly do have so much negative stuff in the world, but we know too that there is hope, for many of us. Some days we are so happy and content. Everything seems to go well, but then… fill in the blank!

We have an opportunity though to believe, to have faith, hope and comfort. Even on dark, uncertain days, we know what we can look forward to. I’ve written another post about this in Turning Toward Home.

Security Now and In the Future

This decision, to have a secure relationship with the Lord, goes beyond all the “religion” that is in the world. Truthfully, I don’t have to live a life of NOT knowing where my hope lies and what I can ultimately look forward to. I CAN and DO personally know where my security lies. It lies resting with Him, at Home!

So, I’m at home, resting and secure because my security is in Him and His plan for me now, and I look forward to being at Home, resting and secure with Him, face to face, someday.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your steadfast hope for the future. We’ve all come a long way this past year, but perhaps the worst is over. Thanks so much for following Oh, the Places We See. We’re hoping to travel again very soon.

  2. What a beautiful blog and love this post. I read a good article yesterday that helps us with the word HOPE – and I KNOW what my HOPE is….but to share with others who don’t know. Here is an excerpt – which I haven’t read the book (but now I want to): “Rev. Tim Keller …. his new book, ‘Hope in Times of Fear.’ At the beginning of his book, he writes about the word ‘hope.’ In common parlance, we tend to use the word hope as a wish. I hope I get a promotion. I hope my kid does well in school.
    “That is not what the Greek word ‘elpida’ means in Scripture. When Paul writes about hope in Romans or the author of Hebrews writes about hope, they are writing about profound certainty. Our hope in the resurrection is our profound certainty in the resurrection, or a belief that gives us courage because we are certain of it….”

  3. This is a wonderful post on security as you walked through God’s path of redemption.

    Thank you for following my church blog @ My Sunday Blog. I am very sorry, I only seem to be able to follow you back through my main blog. Both my blogs use the same user name and e-mail, which defaults to my main and original blog..

    God bless you so much. Thank you for sharing! 🙏

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