Six Examples That Demonstrate Low Empathy

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the needs of another. In recent events in our country and even around the world, I see six examples that demonstrate low empathy.

Our government should be an example to us, however the only example I see right now is a bad example, not a good one. So many young people are going to grow up not understanding that they should “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” So many people are already doing wrong and display this. It is why there is increased selfishness.

So, here are six examples that demonstrate low empathy (and a lot of selfishness) in our government and the more pointedly, the current administration.

  1. Border Crisis
  2. Defunding the police
  3. Israel vs Palestine fighting
  4. Gasoline Crisis
  5. Education
  6. Employment

I could name several more, but honestly, as I look at several really bad situations going on right now, I can see that people don’t care about others until something bad happens to them.

Low Empathy At The Border

I look at the fact that right now, Kamala Harris has YET to go to the border to even see the people attempting to come into the United States. It breaks my heart seriously when I heard about 3 or 4 very young children who were dumped off at a dirt pile 2 or 3 days ago. One of the children was less than a year old. As a grandmother of a few very young children, I know what needs a one year old has. I know what they are capable of for the most part and I know that they cannot take care of themselves. Thank God that someone down in the Del Rio area found them and took care of them. One of the babies did not even have a diaper on!

What if this happened to our child or someone we are close to? How would we feel about this? Are we truly taking time to think about “what if this happened to me?”

Low Empathy When We Defund The Police

We have had many violent protests in the U.S. over the last year. There have been some bad actors in some police forces (as with all professions) like what happened to George Floyd. SO sad and uncalled for. That should not have happened by any police officer. Riots ensued destroying cities, innocent bystanders and the businesses of the very people the mob claims to speak for. But following riots where even the police were told not to stand in the gap, people decided that it is time to defund the police (like in Minneapolis). Is this really the answer though? I can name several locations such as Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago and New York City where families have seen loved ones killed. These people are hurting! Has anyone considered the fact that defunding the police means that there will be no one to call. No one when THEY face losing a loved one. Are they thinking about what it would mean to us if we couldn’t call the police for protection?

As a grandmother, I don’t want my grandchildren to live in fear of the police, but I also don’t want them to be unable to call for help in situations of “rule by mob” or any other situation that could threaten their well-being. For more, check out my past article about A World Divided.

Low Empathy For Israel vs Palestine

Then we have Israel vs Palestine fighting more every day. Another war coming. Israel fighting against terrorism, the terrorism that took down our Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. Do we care about our own family and country? Are we going to protect our allies in Israel? What if this happened to us because we aren’t willing to support our allies (and God’s people) in Israel?

Low Empathy For Our Gasoline Crisis

Several members of my family live on the east coast. Many cities are struggling to find gasoline for the past few days due to the hacking of the Colonial pipeline. People need gas to go to work and get their children to school. It is necessary to have gas in our car to go to the grocery store to buy food to eat. They need to go to the hospital or doctor if they are sick. I am sure that there are other reasons why we need gasoline. The hackers who keep the gas lines from producing gas, are not thinking about others. They don’t seem to be thinking “What if this happened to me?”

Low Empathy In Our Education System

I can’t even imagine in the long run, how the children today in school are going to be affected! However, I can see right now what having schools closed and only attending school virtually has done to children and their parents. Parents who worked their job outside the home are unable to go back into their place of employment in the last year. If they are fortunate enough, they can work at home, but how do they pay attention to their job as well as their children doing school online?

Students who may have understood what they were learning at school, are not understanding new information that they are learning. Teachers do not have the time to invest individually to students who are struggling. Parents don’t always understand what teachers are trying to convey to their children. All the while, teachers in many unions are fighting, deciding that they are not coming back to the schools until certain criteria is met. I am so thankful that this did not happen when my children were young, but I certainly can say “what if this happened to me?” Apparently many do not have the sympathy for families right now or they would not be doing what they are right now.

Check out the Washington Post article of How the pandemic is reshaping education.

Low Empathy For Employment

Another crisis we have right now is the fact that some people would rather sit at home and collect their checks from the government than go to work. They see that they are going to get equal or more money than they do if they don’t go to a job, so they don’t. Have people lost their mind? What happens when people want to go to the store and pick up something to eat or something for their home? What happens when they go to a restaurant and they get angry because there are few people to wait on them or make their food? They get angry is what happens?

Some of these people are going to be the same ones who sit at home. They decide that they don’t want to work! Do they really have no motivation to do something with their life? I guess not! I am not saying this against mothers or fathers who truly have to stay home to watch their young kids. Some have young children who are not school age yet. Then there are those with a medical condition. A few other circumstances could limit them at least for a period of time. Again “what if this happens to me?” is a good thing to ask ourselves in just about any situation in life.

In Closing

Having provided six examples that demonstrate low empathy as relates to our governmental leaders they are fundamentally changing our way of life. And as I consider what is happening in the United States (and now spreading more broadly around the western world), I am so saddened by what is happening to western society brought on by a push for global socialism and the shutting down of social discourse.

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  1. You have hit every point spot on! It’s so difficult to comprehend what is happening. I really feel sorry for children who have been separated from class mates and for the parents who have to try and look after them and balance their job – if they still have a job. This time we live in truly is because of lack of empathy, as you said it would not be happening if they had empathy. So true! God bless you for speaking the truth, keep on being a light on this present darkness.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that other people see this also. I hate watching this happen. Right now, there are things that I can’t do, but I do believe that I can write and I pray that this makes a difference.

    1. I so agree!!! Every day, especially as I see more fighting in Israel, I know that the Bible says that there will be wars and rumors of war as well as those rising against Israel. I believe that it won’t be long. But just how long, I don’t know😔. So much hurt in the world right now

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