There Is A Solution: You Only Need Me

My husband and I have been watching The Chosen series, produced by Dallas Jenkins since earlier this year. We are in the second season now and finished recently watching the fourth episode. This depicts the story of the man at the Pool of Bethesda. This man hurt for years because he was unable to walk. He believed as everyone else did at the pool, that he could be healed. Then, Jesus came along and spoke to him and said “You only need me.”

What are you going through today where you learn that there is a solution: You only need me?(Jesus).

I have to say, that our family has been through several interesting and difficult circumstances this year. In the first six months of this year, we have had blood clots, surgery on a young child and cancer for my mother in law.

After having a year of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, I anticipated that we would have a calmer year. Well, it hasn’t been calmer. Circumstances are still coming one right after another, very strange and unexpected.

This fourth episode of the second season of The Chosen, really made an impression on me. As I watched, I realize that in many areas of life, people like to offer us solutions to our problems. And not only physical problems like illnesses and disabilities. We listen often to their solutions.

Solutions Besides Jesus

Some solutions to our problems include which medicines to take, what course of treatment to be on. Just talk to this person or that person. Just read this material. Or yes, that will give you the answer. Then we want someone to do a favor for us like the crippled man did for thirty-eight years. He is upset is that no one even helped him get down to the water at the “right” time so that he would be healed.

The crippled man(Jesse) in The Chosen even asks Jesus “will you take me to the water?” He believed that Jesus taking him to the water was the actual solution, but it was NOT. However, the actual solution was for him to listen to Jesus when he told him to “get up, pick up his bed and walk.”(John 5). The episode of The Chosen is powerful and I recommend you watch it HERE.

Are you and I listening to Jesus, God and His Word when we come across really hard times? Do we take God at His Word and read it? What is His solution to our difficult situations? How do we live our lives, in obedience to His Word?

You Only Need Me, He Is Our Solution

He really does have our best interest in mind. He loves us and gave His life for us. Nothing to harm us. Will you follow His solution and believe that we only need Him?


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  1. I just subscribed to your blog. I absolutely LOVE The Chosen. I have the first season, but I didn’t know the second was available. Do you have a link fir ordering it? I like your remark about wanting to “get well.” Jesus came to heal the “spiritually sick,” but they must realize they are in need of a “physician” and they must want to get well.

    1. Thank you for subscribing! Also, I’m so glad that you love The Chosen! I don’t really have a link for it. What you can do though to get the second season is just if you have The Chosen App already downloaded on a phone, iPad or computer, just click on first season on second season, then scroll down by each episode. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. The 6th episode of season two was just released last Wednesday and this Wednesday, episode 7 will be released! They are all awesome! Are you wanting to buy the series? My husband did that with the first series. He ordered from The Chosen website or you can order from Amazon as well! God bless!

  2. Thanks for the post! Jesus is my solution. I as so grateful that he humbles us to the point where we cannot get back up without His hand!

  3. Thank you for sharing these words. This is very timely. There are times when we do not know where to cling to especially when we feel hopeless. When we reach out to Jesus, he always gives us wisdom on how to cope with difficult times.

  4. Really loved this post. I agree friend. I love Jesus’ question “do you want to get well?” I find that a powerful reminder that sometimes with all my attempts there’s something which really likes stating “where I am by my pool” rather than being/becoming well. Praying for your family. Ongoing sickness is challenging. It is difficult. It can be heartbreaking. Jesus is the only solution.

    I also love the chosen series and find it profoundly inspirational. The Jesus played by Jonathan Graf is excellent. Grace to you today!

    1. Thank you! Jesus really is our only solution! I’m glad this post encouraged you and SO glad that you love watching The Chosen! It is such an amazing series! I find myself, when I read more in the gospels, that The Chosen hasn’t covered yet, thinking about Peter or Matthew or any of the disciples and Jesus, makes it real to me! I wonder too how they will film and show some of these stories! It is amazing what we can learn and apply to our lives just while watching these episodes! Thanks again for sharing! God bless you!

  5. Note to Yernasia, check your quote. Jesus never said that. Further, of course Jesus was not a Christian. The name was applied to His followers, first at Antioch. You err, like the Saducees that Jesus confronted: ““You are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God.” Nor do you know anything about the Dead Sea Scrolls nor the history of the Bible.
    Thanx, Rduncanheart for a wonderful blog.

  6. So, so good!❤ Thanks. His Word is true and effective! Others have many solutions, but Christ is the solution! Good stuff👍

  7. 💜 Now this is Gonna Be Tricky for ALL YOU!!! Cute Christians Out There especially The Ladies; so just Three Things:

    Brother Jesus wasn’t a Christian; neither AM I
    We have No Cures; just Expensive Pharmaceutical Treatments
    One of My Favourite Quotes Attributed to Jesus in The Bible is “YOU!!! Have Healed ThySelf.”

    …in Contemporary, Modern Parlance I Guess We Would Say “Let Mother Nature Take Her Course; acknowledge Goddess, The Divine Feminine.” and Here’s The Trick; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Girls and ‘Grown Up’ Religious Ladies Don’t Desire to Take Credit for AnyThing because 3DLife is Just a Job with a Reward from “The Lord Our God” After Death and End Up Resentful about Subjugation and Sexism in 3DLife…while Brother Jesus was Cool with Hanging Out with a Non-Sexual Prostitute in Mary M, Turning Water in To Wine, Respectful to His Mother and, apparently, also had Twelve Female Disciples Tooo; who were Ladies led by Mary M as Peter led the Male Disciples…then Men Got Hold of The Bible, Constantine in Particular; the Ladies practically Vanished from The Bible until The Dead Sea Scrolls were Found…so, in Summary, The Book of Esther, still in The (Male Edited) Bible, doesn’t mention “God” at ALL Ladies; finally EveryOne, AutoImmune Systems Work Wonders, “YOU HAVE HEALED THYSELF!!!”


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