A Month of Wisdom from Proverbs-Chapter 1

Many people have used the book of Proverbs to do daily devotions as there are thirty-one days in many months and thirty-one chapters in Proverbs. In addition, Proverbs is known for it’s theme of wisdom. I find so many principles in this book to learn from and review as I have read through Proverbs several times myself. A month of wisdom from Proverbs will help you consider what the Lord has to teach you and how He can help you reach others in your life. I will go through each Proverb daily and mention principles that stand out to me and ask you questions as well.

Chapter 1

Proverbs Chapter one begins with stating that these are the Proverbs which came from Solomon, the son of David. God asked Solomon what he wanted. More than anything else, Wisdom was what he asked God for. Therefore, God gave it to him as well as many other riches.(1 Kings 3)

The purpose of Proverbs is to teach people: Verses 1-7



Understand insight of the wise

Live disciplined and successful lives

Do right, just, and fair

Gives insight to the simple

Knowledge and discernment to the young.

Let wise listen and become wiser, let those with understanding receive guidance.

The fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline.


Do you see how many ways in which wisdom impacts our life?

If we listen to those who are wise, or seek out wisdom, what happens? (we become wiser)

verse 5 also states that those with understanding receive guidance.

  1. Has there ever been a time in your life where you did NOT want to receive guidance?

2. Do you see that happening in the world today? I sure do.

3. What does verse 7 call those who despise wisdom and discipline?

Throughout Proverbs, you will see lots of parallels between the wise and fools.

Verses 8-19

Parents encourage their kids to acquire wisdom. Do you have any personal experience to share where you as parents or a child(grown adult too) tried to impart wisdom? Did it go well?

4. What did you learn?

5. Do you see people coming after your own kids or others you know, tempting them and encouraging them to go the wrong way?

It sure happens often now, is hard to watch and is very hurtful.

For example, going along with the crowd and doing what seems “fun”, is certainly not wise. It is very destructive to lives to listen to wrong and do not follow the wisdom that they have available.

Because Satan is the father of lies, he wants nothing more than for us and our loved ones to be fooled, to be trapped in wrong ways of the world.

6. Do any of these verses stand out to you and how?

Verses 20-33

Wisdom calls out in the streets! Wisdom tries to get our attention. A few of these verses mention “simpletons” or being “simpleminded.” These are people who do not think ahead about their consequences. They don’t think deeply and they don’t listen to wisdom. Verse 22 says “how long will you insist on being simpleminded?”

Wisdom says “Come and listen to my counsel.” God wants this greatly for us! As a result, He doesn’t want us to suffer terrible consequences when we refuse to listen to wisdom. Read throughout these verses and see how passionate wisdom is, to want us to come. However, when we don’t come, we will see what happens, see how wisdom “feels” about our rejection. Verse 33 I think stands out to me greatly in this chapter as it says:

But all who listen to me(wisdom) will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

Proverbs 1:33

7. Are you afraid of consequences when you know that you have listened to and followed wise counsel?

Please join me tomorrow for chapter 2 in a Month of Wisdom from Proverbs

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  1. Wonderful and insightful post. I’m really enjoying blogging on Psalms and Proverbs in a year. Truly life changing. May the peace that wisdom brings be yours! Thank you for the follow πŸ™‚

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