A Month of Wisdom From Proverbs-Chapter 6

Chapter 6 begins with Solomon advising his child to be wise the way they handle money. One way specifically mentioned, is co-signing for a debt. He recommends that his child not be bound to the debt of a stranger. I can see how this will trap anyone by co-signing on a debt, even for a family member. However, it is not a good practice. My husband and I went through Financial Peace University, a Dave Ramsey course, a few years ago. Based on a lot of wisdom from the Bible, Dave Ramsey uses many of these principles to help people with their finances. This is one of the principles that he uses, and advises on. I hope that A month of wisdom from Proverbs will help you today in the area of finances.

Financial Principles

In addition to co-signing, the first 5 verses also speak specifically about getting yourself out of a financial agreement that you have trapped yourself into. Solomon says “go, do it now!” Get yourself out of a mess that you have placed yourself in. He even says to “swallow our pride.” Wow, he is really serious here! Pride can really get in our way sometimes! Bad financial decisions can really impact our lives.

Verses 6-11

Ants are used as an example in verses 6-11. Ants plan ahead and they are wise about how they work. Also, they save ahead for the winter(basically, a harder time to earn money). The expression “save for a rainy day” really applies well here. In the New Living Translation of the Bible, it actually calls people who don’t work, “lazybones.” People who refuse to work is who this applies to. As a result, their sleep is more important to them, or their leisure, instead of working hard. Verse 11 states this:

then poverty will pounce on them like a bandit; and scarcity will attack you like an armed robber.

Proverbs 6:11 NLT

Verses 12-15

These verses convey to me, people who have a lack of integrity in their business dealings. They are people who you cannot trust(they are liars). They are deceitful and they literally wink, nudge or do something else to signify that they are trying to trick someone. Often, they stir up trouble. This tells me that I should avoid dealing with people who are like this. It doesn’t even have to be someone who I do business with. It can just be a personal acquaintance. If they aren’t people of integrity, that I would do business with, are they really people that I should spend time with on a regular basis?

The Things God Hates, Detests

Verses 16-19

These Six things listed, the Lord hates! Actually, seven things He DETESTS!!!!

  1. Haughty eyes(prideful)
  2. Lying tongue
  3. Hands that kill the innocent(I think of abortion with this)
  4. Heart that plots evil
  5. Feet that race to do wrong
  6. False witness who pours out lies
  7. A person who sows discord in a family(troublemaker in family)

Take Instructions Seriously! Hard Consequences for Those Who Commit Adultery

Verses 20-35

Please listen to your parents! Don’t neglect the instructions they give you. Their counsel will lead and protect you. In addition, following their counsel will keep you from immoral people(woman specifically listed). Yesterday, we went through what the character traits are. Smooth tongue, beauty, glances. These are some of her attributes, that she uses to seduce a man. These things will bring a man way down, into poverty. They will burn him! More consequences are listed here for a man who commits adultery. Because of this, we should take it seriously!

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