Let’s Look At Proverbs 7 Today In A Month of Wisdom

We are on Chapter 7 now! One week into this devotion, Solomon addressed his child on the importance of learning and listening to the wisdom and understanding that his father and mother have given. He has a passion for making sure that his son knows how important wisdom is. Making important decisions ahead of time based on what is taught is so critical. Adultery is also addressed in a few of these early chapters, so let’s look at Proverbs 7 today and see what else we can learn from this chapter.

The Appearance of the Proverbs 7 Woman

On many movies and television shows I have watched, the type of woman described in Chapter 7 of Proverbs is glorified. As a result, it is no wonder, that many young girls and women today idolize this behavior and the appearance of the woman described here. Commercials and advertisements in magazines and videos really get the attention of even very young girls in their teens. Often, many parents don’t even pay attention to what their daughters are watching and what they want to wear. If we look at stores such as Victoria’s Secret, they know who their target audience is. I heard recently of a young girl I know, wanted to go buy her under clothing there because her friends, all in middle school went there to shop.

I find this very sad that women wear clothes to seduce men. Tight clothes go right along with this. It doesn’t take much any more to see a woman or young girl, wear clothing that displays every curve and body part that should not be so easily seen.

Guard Your Eyes

Just by the description given in this Proverb, I can easily think of something that reminds me exactly of what Solomon is telling his son to stay away from. Along with the immodest clothing that many of us see, is the character and behavior that many girls and women demonstrate. Solomon tells his son, to “guard your own eyes.” Why should he guard his eyes? Because, there is so much to see that we shouldn’t. And women, we are very much responsible to not be a stumbling block for men also.

Verses 4-5 states to “love wisdom like a sister, make insight a beloved member of your family. Let them protect you from an affair with an immoral woman, and listening to the flattery of a promiscuous woman.” Many of us have family that really looks out for our good, for our best interest. That is how we should treat wisdom. We should keep our eyes open for that kind of person.

Young people often don’t use common sense unless they are really taught well. They are often naive. Many don’t know what to expect and what certain things mean. These young guys are out strolling by a woman’s house and here she comes! She is dressed in a way that really catches the attention of a young man. This woman was really “catchy” very flirty. I can see her winking her eye at him, trying to really get him to come over to her.

Verse 11 states that she is the rebellious type and not interested in her home home. So, she was out to catch a man!

She Catches Him

She tells this young guy that he is the one she is looking for! Her bed is made, everything looks and smells good! It isn’t that difficult to imagine this as it is something common. I’m sure that he is captivated, but he knows what is right vs wrong. This woman is coming on strong and the temptation is huge. She wants to love on him, be very physical with him. It doesn’t matter to her and she tells this young man that her husband isn’t home. Her husband is gone and won’t be home until later in the month. So, there is lots of time to do what she wants and cover it up, I’m sure.

This Trap Will Ruin Him

He followed her though. What a shame. This is a huge trap for him. He didn’t realize that this was going to cost him his life. Again, Solomon tells his son how a woman like this and going along with the temptation she is offering him, is really going to ruin him. This will ruin many men(and women) when they choose to sin in the area of adultery.

Her house is the road to the grave. Her bedroom is the den of death.

Proverbs 7:27

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