Let’s Look At Proverbs 24 Today In A Month Of Wisdom

We are going through the last ten “sayings” today. There are also more sayings of the wise at the end of this chapter that aren’t numbered with all of the other thirty sayings. These are all very applicable to our life today! In the news even today, I see how these verses really are true. Let’s look at Proverbs 24 now.

Saying “No” To Spending Time With The Wicked

Saying # 20 Verses 1-2

Don’t envy the wicked, in other words, don’t even spend time with them. Their plan is to cause trouble.

Saying “Yes” To Building Your House With Wisdom

Saying #21 Verses 3-4

By wisdom, a house is built.

Saying “Yes” To Guidance and Advice

Saying #22 Verses 5-6

We need guidance to win a war. When we have many advisors, this brings victory!

Saying “Yes” To Speaking Only With Wisdom

Saying #23 Verse 7

Wisdom is too high for fools! It is expecting too much! It is best if they don’t even open their mouths! Something foolish is likely to come out.

Saying “No” to Planning Evil

Saying #24 Verses 8-9

Whoever plans(plots) evil is known as a schemer. The schemes of folly are sin and people detest a mocker.

Saying “Yes” To Stand Up For What Is Right! Don’t Give Up! Be Strong!

Saying #25 Verses 10-12

If you falter in a day of trouble, how small is your strength? Don’t give up, but be strong. Stand up for what is right. This is a real battle!

Saying “Yes” To Loving Wisdom. It Is Sweet!

Saying #26 Verses 13-14

Eat honey, for it is sweet! Wisdom is sweet as well!

Saying “No” To Threatening The Righteous

Saying #27 Verses 15-16

Do not lurk like a thief near the house of the righteous.

Saying “No” To Gloating When Your Enemy Falls

Saying #28 Verses 17-18

Do not gloat(be happy) when your enemy falls, or stumbles! Don’t rejoice over this, the Lord will see it and disapprove and turn away His wrath from them.

Saying “No” To Fearing Evildoers

Saying #29 Verses 19-20

Don’t be afraid of all of the evildoers, they will be snuffed out(God will take them out)! The evil doer has NO future hope! Every time, including right now, in the background, I hear about all the evil going on in America specifically. It does make most of us just sick! Their time is coming though! This is a great reminder right now, that we have a GREAT GOD who has a plan!!! Evil is going on now, BUT someday, God will wipe out all of this evil! Evildoers will receive judgment and the righteous will receive reward. Also, He will wipe away EVERY tear from our eyes! It is so hard to see so much wrong happening right now. Reading through Proverbs absolutely has reminded me, that evil will not remain! God IS going to snuff them out!

Saying “Yes” To Respecting The Lord And Authority

Saying #30 Verses 21-22

Fear the Lord and authority. Do not be part of rebellious authority. If you don’t fear the Lord and authority, who knows what kind of punishment and destruction they might bring.

Further Sayings Of The Wise Verses 23-34

Judge correctly! Don’t tell the guilty that they are innocent! I see this is very applicable now in our culture, more than other times in history. When people don’t judge righteously and punish those who truly are doing wrong, then we are going to have serious problems in our country. They are killing good and praising evil!

Be honest!

Get yourself prepared before you build a house! Count the cost and do what is necessary to build. This is part of preparing. It is important in everything we do, to count the cost ahead of time. It is wise!

Don’t cause a problem with your neighbor! Be good to them. It is wrong to say, “because they did this to me, I am going to do something wrong to them.” This is vengeance. Care about them instead. Look out for them! Our neighbor is wonderful. They are always checking up on us and making sure if they see something that they are concerned about, that they let us know. Even if we are out of town. We do the same for them. I’m thankful to have them as neighbors! God has been so good to us!

“I went past the field of the sluggard.” The next few verses speak of how a lazy person’s home looks. There are weeds, thorns and other messy things all over their yard. Their stone wall was ruined also. Solomon said that he considered what he saw and realized that the sluggard won’t have much because they aren’t taking care of what they have. They sleep, therefore poverty will come soon.

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