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Do you love to travel? I do! What is your favorite way to travel? Some destinies are better to see on a road trip. Other places require an airplane at least at the beginning, depending on your circumstances. A slower, calmer trip might be great going on a train. Whatever way you want to travel, please check in each week for Exciting Travel Talks With Friends!

One of my favorite trips of all time, was when my husband and I went through several states on our way up to Idaho to see family and I LOVED seeing all of the mountains on that trip. I had wanted to see Mount Rushmore for many years, so while traveling to Idaho, my husband and I stopped in at Mount Rushmore two years ago! We enjoyed this rather long, but very beautiful and calm road trip! All together, we spent around 26 hours on the road. It was amazing seeing these former U.S. President’s faces(George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln)carved into the mountain!

Mount Rushmore

Traveling up and down the little hills and grasslands where we could not see another vehicle or town for miles, was quite amazing. We realized quickly that our cell phone coverage was very spotty and when we stopped for gas, we had to make sure that we got food that would last for several hundred miles. It would be several hours before we found another location to stop. The half-way point for our trip was at Rapid City South Dakota.

Our Stay In Rapid City, SD

We arrived in Rapid City in the evening and planned the following day to visit Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park and anything else that we saw exciting that day. During the day, we also visited the Crazy Horse Museum.

Crazy Horse Memorial with Model in Front

I highly recommend taking a few days to visit the sights there. There is so much beauty just in driving around the National Forests nearby. The day after visiting, we traveled the other 13 hours to northern Idaho to see my family. We went through Montana and into Idaho. The eastern part of Montana was rather flat but western Montana, then into Idaho, had lots of mountains and hills. We spent most of our time in northern Idaho, just north of Coure d’ Alene, Idaho. It is a spectacular city to visit with a huge lake and in the middle of the mountains, yet still with the amenities of a decent sized city.

Our Stop At Wal-Drug

Most of our trip, the speed limit was 80 mph as we crossed the country on I-90! We also had a detour on the way, where we had to miss part of Wyoming, but on the way back, we went through Wyoming. We also took an hour or so to stop at a popular hang out for travelers on I-90. The place is called Wall-Drug in Wall, South Dakota and is well worth the stop. https://www.walldrug.com/ It’s advertised all along I-90 for hundreds of miles. They have several places to eat, the shopping is great as you can find just about anything including locally sourced items. While it may seem like a bunch of small shops, they are all connected “under one roof”. And make sure you try the homemade donuts while you are there. While we were there, we picked up a bronze eagle to add to our library as a souvenir.

Also, I saw several landmarks that mentioned people like Laura and Carrie Ingalls homes and birthplaces. It was quite a trip! We had a long trip home though, as we did not stop for a day in between.

I hope that someday, if you love road trips and mountains, that you will have an opportunity to visit some of these locations as well! The next time, we want to take our RV and allocate several weeks to slow the pace a bit and not have to be back home so quickly.

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I’d love to RV travel the country one day! Not too sure about gas prices though…!? Hopefully they won’t stay too high forever

    1. Hopefully not, our RV is a diesel though. It goes quite a ways. It has a 100 gallon tank and it took us from the St Louis area well into West Virginia until we filled up again, so around 6 hours which was about half of a trip we went on last year. A diesel goes better up and down mountains and hills if you like to go see mountains.

      1. Sure, anytime! I hope that you get to travel around the country soon! Lord willing the gas prices too, for our regular cars won’t get too bad! We have lots to pray about for the USA right now🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    2. We just got ours last year and we got it used. Unfortunately, the place that we bought it from really hadn’t checked it out well and wasn’t qualified to do truck/diesel work either. Then the warranty that we got and are so thankful we did, really has been rough to work with. But hopefully, we will get to go on some more trips soon!

      1. Ugh, we bought a refrigerator like that. I feel you pain! Hopefully the good experiences with our purchases outweigh the frustration! 😆

      2. That’s a pain! So sorry! Yes, we are hoping and praying that nothing else major happens, at least not soon, or that it will still be within the time that it is still covered under the warranty.

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