Life Is Falling Apart-What Should I Do?

When We Fall Apart by Ryan Stevenson

As Americans, those of us who stay in touch with current events, most of us know that the last few weeks especially, seem SO upsetting! We have lost 13 of our own military soldiers in Afghanistan and the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. Many of us are not only distraught over our young men and 1 young lady dying, but the way events are still taking place by our current Administration. It is so overwhelming! Then, we have Hurricane Ida and recently Haiti also again, destroyed. Let’s not forget more fires out in California and of course Covid! We also have people coming through the southern border. So much at once! Is life falling apart?

The Way We Handle Circumstances When We Feel Life Falling Apart

We all handle upsetting circumstances and events differently! Some of us just get irritated. Then it can escalate. We see events getting worse and we start getting mad and angry. But some of us really take it to heart. It may take time, or it may come quickly, but some of us cry. Tears come. They flow and we don’t know when they will stop. I had this happen recently. There was no stopping them and I had no idea when I would start again and when it would stop. Life lately seems so overwhelming!

Is It Ok To Cry When You Feel Life Is Falling Apart?

I like to know what is going on in the world especially when one day after the next, major events are happening. Sometimes it isn’t good to watch too much. Anger sometimes takes over. In the past, I put tears on the back shelf for another time. Tears seemed bad to me, for a time. I didn’t know or believe that healing comes after letting go. It must have been something I heard when I was young.

Since then, I have learned, that these tears help heal. The following link will help explain the medical value of shedding tears: Learning about tears is actually very interesting! I get out all the heaviness on my heart! Even Jesus wept both in the Garden of Gethsemane and when Lazarus died. He knew what He would soon be facing.

Do Something Different So That Life Doesn’t Fall Apart

In the past couple of weeks, my husband and I had a change in location and schedule. We went away on a short vacation to an RV park down at the Lake of the Ozarks. It was a special time. I had to get away and basically “push pause” and now “reset” and go start again with what I do daily. Focus has been very difficult the past 3 days though, as I have tried to write again.

Be Honest And Start Again

I have things on my mind, but figuring out where to start again has not been easy. Just do it, I told myself a few times today! I am finally doing it and being honest with myself and all of you, that as a human, a person who has a relationship with Christ, it is still possible and acceptable, to hurt. To hurt but to fall into the arms of Jesus and tell Him where I am hurting. It is also important to let my husband know that I hurt and desire to be close, in the middle of all of this. So, if life is falling apart, let Him help you heal. This is what you should do!

I heard the song by Ryan Stevenson recently titled “When We Fall Apart.” This song got my attention as I need to direct my attention to the Lord “when I fall apart.” I had to swallow my pride and allow myself to cry.

When We Fall Apart by Ryan Stevenson

Thought I’d add this per request from capost2k… enjoy!

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  1. I have some former students from Afghanistan, Hazara, who attended Mongolia International University when I taught there. Only one family was evacuated because of his work with the US Embassy. I asked one of them to send me a daily email just telling me they are okay. The Taliban is going door-to-door and shots have been heard down their street that they believe neighbors were executed for working with a western NGO. Only a miracle will get them out alive. Some of them know Jesus, some are nominal muslims, and I am telling them how important it is, NOW more than ever, to know their life is in Jesus’ hands.
    Your blog reminds me of David’s words, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.” Psalm 51:17
    BTW, just a suggestion, do you know you can link to YouTube videos in your blogs?
    You may want to edit and put the link to that fantastic song by Stevenson in your blog.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I will be praying for your former students! It is SO important that they know Jesus! I am praying for everything going on over there, such unrest. Also, thanks for your suggestion too on doing the Youtube video’s. I will try that!

    2. how are you doing? I have been thinking and praying about your concerns for your former students. I just wondered if things are ok or did they go bad? I’m still praying. Please let me know. I know that your are real concerned about them and rightfully so.

      1. One family is in a camp in New Mexico now; still waiting on word from others. Wondering if Maisam has told his family yet that he is a Christ-follower? He was holding back fir fear that his older brother or others in his family might kill him, but they are all Hazara, a minority targeted for genocide in the early 2000s. They may change when they see themselves as victims. Praying!
        AND THANX for remembering all the Church in Afghanistan. ❤️&🙏

  2. I have fallen apart many times and the Lord is always there to put me back together. Some times that is just what we need. I am glad your back. I missed you. You will be stronger because you do rely on Jesus!

      1. Thank you! A couple of our kids aren’t doing so well. One in particular is causing a lot of grief. Then another one had a car accident this week. Hit a deer. Daughter is ok but car is totaled. If you don’t mind, please pray for them. Names are Deanna and Jessica. Thanks!

      2. You know why I thought something was wrong? When you make an impact on Satan’s kingdom He attacks. David Wilkerson said every time He set out to write a book that He expected the enemies attacks. Maybe it is time to put all your posts into chapters. All you need is a table of contents, bibliography and any permissions you might need. Sounds good to me! I sure will pray for your girls.

      3. You are such an encouragement!!! I am in the planning process for writing a book! 😁I definitely believe that Satan attacks when he doesn’t want to see victory. Thanks too for praying for my girls. One of them has 2 young children, so it is affecting them too(decisions their mom is making).

      4. I hoped so. I felt silly for giving you advice as I know nothing about writing a book. You know I am praying for You! You have so much to give. Don’t listen to the devils lies.
        Many blessings to you my good friend!

  3. Yes, breaks do help in getting the life back on track . Tears are part of life and at times should be allowed to flow to lighten the load .
    Stay blessed always.

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