The Song I Love To Hear Again

The past few weeks have been especially hard and emotional particularly in the county that I live in. The community support has been amazing though, as many are raising funds for Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz’ family even as we grieve. On August 26, our country lost 13 of our military men and one woman, who went to defend the USA in Afghanistan. Lance Corporal Jared Schimtz, a Marine, lost his life at 20 years old. I personally did not know him, but I know of others who knew him. As Jared came home yesterday, our whole community came together to support his family and friends. Thousands lined the roads and overpasses along I-70 from the St. Louis Lambert Airport back to Baue Funeral Home in St Charles County, Missouri. The music played often, the song I love to hear over again. The song is “God Bless The U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood. I don’t get ever tired of hearing it!

My Community Listens To This Song

I can’t get tired of hearing “God Bless The U.S.A.” when I see the many people and the many flags supporting the men and women who give their lives for each of us to remain safe and free. You see, when we do this to support our fallen and even those still in uniform and veterans, we are actually thankful for what we have. When we complain constantly and argue over which race or type of people are better or worse, we are not thankful! We are not thankful Americans when anything divisive ever becomes a huge issue. The only reason that I mention this is because when a catastrophe happens, people tend to be more unified. They forget about things that Don’t matter.

What if we did this more often? There are always going to be some who don’t stop fighting and create havoc but al in all, we don’t have to focus on constant problems. We can share a common love and heart that wants to have freedom. We can actually love each other instead of hating those who want to battle over foolish issues. These three issues were actually quiet for a few days, like the border crisis and wearing masks and getting a Covid-19 vaccination.

Why aren’t we thankful everyday then, to have people in our military fighting for us, for our safety? What kind of appreciation are we showing them?

Listen Again On 9/11!

Right now, we are reminded of 9/11. On the Twentieth Anniversary, how many people do you know who went to serve on your behalf? Have you thanked them? Make this personal! How about for your spouse and your children? Even if you have no spouse or children yet, what will you have if you don’t have a free, beautiful country to live in? I think often about my grandchildren and wonder what they will have when they grow up. This isn’t about possessions either, but if they don’t have jobs and don’t have the ability to express what they believe, what will they truly have? Will they fear every time they walk out their front door? Will they not even get to walk out their front door? Are jobs going to be available? How about training for jobs?

Can they go to church if they want or will they be afraid? This is what happens after all, in China and many other countries. Afghanistan just beheaded those who have faith in God. If you don’t show gratitude and support, then we will not have what we do today! Will you listen and have your family listen often, to the song I love to hear again, “God Bless The U.S.A.?” Maybe this song will remind you about what you have and why you have it. Perhaps you will consider serving too, to protect our land.

I Will Remember Yesterday When I Hear This Song

So, when I watched that huge American flag yesterday, raised higher by the Eureka Missouri Fire Department waiving proudly in the wind, waiting with many other proud Americans, to welcome home our local community hero, I considered all that I have to be thankful for and the hope that I have for my children and grandchildren to remain safe, protected and free! I will listen to the song I love to hear again, as another reminder of yesterday, when I participated with my community, to say “thank you”, once again to another who gave their life.

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  1. We really do have so much to be thankful for. If we are not careful, it will be taken away. God judged Israel for less I believe, than how this country has rejected Him and His commandments. Please Lord Have mercy on the “Great USA.” Great Post!

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