Passing On Our Love And A Legacy

I love being a Grandma! Two of my grandchildren call me “Gamma.” My husband is their “Gampa”. It really is a privilege and a joy watching them and spending time with them. Most of all though, we love passing on our love and a legacy to them. The legacy we pass on to them is loving their family and learning more about God and His Son, Jesus. Also, we pass on truth and values as they grow older. We want them to live their lives as good people who do what is right, what honors God and demonstrate His love to other people who they meet.

My Husband & Me Aboard a Riverboat (The Mark Twain) on the Mississippi

“But from everlasting to everlasting

    the Lord’s love is with those who fear him,

    and His righteousness with their children’s children”

Psalm 103:17

Passing On Our Love By Spending Quality Time

Our Grandson Trying on a Jordan Binnington Autographed Hockey Helmet

Quality time is important! We give quality time by talking, going to fun places with them and just experiencing life with them. All four of our grandchildren are precious! They are all unique and bring a different experience with them. Two of them are more “busy”, the other two are more quiet but they think for themselves and ask questions that we get to answer. Also, we sing with them and teach them fun, special and meaningful songs.

I Knew That I Was Loved

My grandmother on my mom’s side was so precious! She loved on me when I was young and as I grew up. I knew what she loved and she knew what I loved. She was like that with all of her grandchildren! I was her first grandchild and I knew that I was loved. Some situations in my life were tough, but I always knew that I could have fun and was loved. I wanted to spend time with my grandparents any chance I could and it was really hard when they left to go home or when we left to go back home ourselves. Other grandparents were very special as well but I was especially close to my mom’s parents. My father’s parents would drop everything to come see me whenever I came for a visit.

Watching The Kids Together

Getting Ready To Watch The St Louis Blues Together On TV

This past week, my husband and I had the privilege of seeing all four grandchildren together. It was the first time that they ever had the chance to meet. They are still young and live in different states so it isn’t easy to have them all together so it was really a special time. After we were out for a while, our youngest daughter came over to our house with her son and daughter and our oldest daughter was staying here with us and had her son and daughter with her as well. Over the phone, they were able to talk and see each other over video chat but never got to officially meet and play until this week. The following day, we went to a family entertainment center and jumped on trampolines and ate pizza together. Seeing the sisters (our daughters) together was so special as well. It took a long time for details to work out in order for this to happen.

Our Responsibility Is Passing On Our Love And A Legacy

Me With My Oldest Daughter & Her Kids

After many years of raising our own children, three daughters, and now our daughters have children of their own; it seems unbelievable that so many years and events have passed. The one thing that continues though is the joy and responsibility of passing on our love and a legacy to all of them, including those who come into our family in the future. The values and truths that we know are important for us to give to all in our family. We are older and the Lord has given us wisdom to share. It is our responsibility to give this to them. It is not our responsibility to do all that our daughters should do as parents, but it is our responsibility to guide and share truth with love.

He Has Blessed Us With An Opportunity

When they are in our life as members of our family, we have no other choice but to give them our love and the legacy of our relationship with each other and with God, because He expects this from us!

On A Funnier Note

My Grandmother, My Mom, My Sisters With Me & My Daughters (4 Generations)

I loved hearing my grandmother laugh. She was adorable and a great cook! I have a cookbook that she and some of her friends put together many years ago. I may even share a recipe or two with you from her cookbook one of these days, but for now, here are some cute grandparent jokes for you today!

1 – My dear old grandmother use to always say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”
Maybe that’s why she lost her job as a cardiac surgeon
2 – Shout out to my grandparents…
3 – My grandpa says the best thing about being 103 years old is
There’s no peer pressure

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  1. What a loving tribute to your family and your faith … those grandkids are just too cute! So glad they finally got to meet and play 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, she has some of my characteristics but she REALLY looks practically identical to her mommy when she was real young! It is incredible? She is super sweet too!

      1. We are blessed for sure🤗 God is really really good!!! Lots of love there for sure❤️❤️❤️
        Hope you are doing well!
        We are leaving to go on a trip tomorrow to see them again plus Daniel’s mom for 3 family birthdays this week.

  2. Amen!!! Beautiful truths here about our responsibility to pass on a legacy of love in the Lord to all the generations after us. P.S. grandbabies are THE BEST!!!! 🥰🙌💜

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