Hallelujah For The Beast Is Gone

Hallelujah, for the beast is gone! Many in heaven were shouting “Hallelujah” at the beginning of this chapter. John hears a great large crowd shouting and he says the sound was so loud that it sounded like a “great roar.”

Three separate times, people shouted “Hallelujah!” After each “Hallelujah,” there is an explanation and details given for why they were praising God and who is praising God.

First Hallelujah

Who? The Great Multitude in Heaven roars!

Salvation, glory and power belong to our God

Why? He condemned the prostitute that corrupted the earth, that corrupted the earth with her adultery. He gave back what she is due because of the blood she took on God’s servants.

Smoke goes up from her! She will burn forever!

Second Hallelujah

Who? The 24 elders and 4 living creatures fell down and worshiped the one seated on the throne.

They said:

“Praise our God,
 all you his servants,
you who fear him,
both great and small!”

Revelation 19:5

Third Hallelujah

Who? The sound of a great multitude shouting like the roar of rushing waters and loud peals of thunder.

    For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and be glad
    and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
    and his bride has made herself ready.
Fine linen, bright and clean,
    was given her to wear.”

(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)

Revelation 19:6-8

Here Is Your Invitation

You are invited to join in the “wedding supper of the Lamb.” If you are a child of God, a part of the Bride of Christ, you are invited and will celebrate with Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God. In heaven, they join and celebrate together. The angel then tells John to not worship him, but to worship God! The angels are fellow servants, as well as your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The White Horse And The Beast In A Battle

John sees in heaven with the door wide open, a white horse. This is NOT the same as the white horse ridden by one of the “four horsemen of the apocalypse”. Here is a physical description of the white horse!

  • His rider
    • Is called Faithful and True
    • Judges and wages war
    • Has eyes that are like blazing fire
    • Has many crowns
    • Has a name written on him that no one else knows
    • Is dressed in a robe that has been dipped in blood

His name is the Word of God!

More describing what the this rider, and his followers do:

  • Armies in heaven are following him, riding on white horses and dressed in white, clean, fine linen
  • A sharp sword comes out of his mouth to strike down the nations (the sword of the Spirit is called the Word of God, Ephesians 6:13). Hebrews 4:12 states that the sword of the spirit is sharper than any two-edged sword and “He will rule them with an iron scepter.” God’s Word has A LOT of power!!!
  • He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.
  • On His robe and thigh is written the name: “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

Who does this sound like? It’s Jesus. He is the King of Kinds and the Lord of Lords. He is the one from who’s mouth comes the Word of God (The Sword of the Spirit). While so much of our society sees Him as a meek and mild-mannered man who went to the slaughter, He comes back with a vengeance.

Come and Gather

Next, John sees an angel that stands in the sun and cries in a loud voice to all of the birds flying in midair.

“Come, gather together for the great supper of God, 18 so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small.”

Revelation 19:17-18

The Beast Gets Ready To Fight, But…

The Beast and the kings and all of their armies now gather so that they can wage war against the rider of the white horse and His army.

The rider of the white horse and his army captures the beast though. Along with the beast is the false prophet who performed signs on behalf of the beast. The signs were used to fool those who received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. Then the beast and the false prophet were thrown alive into a lake of fire.

Can you imagine? Super hot, burning! Ouch! The sword that came out of the mouth of the rider kills the armies and all other people that did not know Christ. Then birds ate their flesh.

Satan Is Not Going To Win For Eternity

It doesn’t sound like Satan won, does it? We live in a world that believes that we can do whatever we want and do and believe whatever we want. So much deception exists now. So many people who turn their backs on God really have no idea that they are completely controlled and deceived by Satan. But they have a choice that they have to make! God or Satan! This is how it has been though since Satan believed that he was greater than God and wanted to prove this by defeating God. His biggest objective is to deceive people (the image of God) and convince them to live a sinful life against God. He can’t touch God, so he wants to hurt us… and so many people buy into the lie.

Our God Is Greater

God is stronger and far greater than Satan. No one will defeat God. He came to earth and died for us, was buried and rose again. This was His choice and He did it for the entire world. What He did is for our salvation, but He also loves us greatly and wants us to have daily fellowship with Him and spend eternity with Him in His mansion. He doesn’t want to “take our fun away” as many people think or we may have tended to think when we were younger. We tend to live for a good time and we put God aside for only certain times in our life like when we are going through a tough time. That is when we tend to think we need God, not for everyday. But we do need Him everyday!

Hallelujah! He lives!!!

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  1. Loved this recap of the glorious scene of Revelation 19! Thank you for your work.

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