Notice To My Faithful Readers

I don’t normally post directly to my readers, but thought this would be a great time to share some plans I have for my writing. So, here is my first “notice to my faithful readers”!

Thank You For The Inspiration

First I want to thank you all for your awesome support and the fantastic interaction I’ve gotten from all of you. You have been a critical part of boosting my confidence as a writer and as an advocate for faithful, godly living.

As such my husband and I have developed plans to take my writing to a new level and begin expanding my marketing and readership. In order to do so, I will be moving over to Substack as my publishing platform. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with WordPress and they have been a great starting point for me as well as having a great set of tools for publishing my writing. However, my intent is to move to Substack as a platform that will expand my visibility and my marketing to broader audiences.

What To Expect

Obviously, I will make this transition over time, posting on both WordPress and Substack for a while. As such, I encourage you all to make the transition to continue to read my work on my new site. Eventually, I will transition off of WordPress (likely by the end of 2022) as the cost to maintain what I do on WordPress is much higher than what I expect on Substack.

On my new site, I will have free content, but will also have additional content for a monthly subscription as I expect to expand my writing and my other offerings. I also hope to add some additional content like podcasts and videos which I haven’t previously done. As much time as I commit to generating quality content, I am planning to take my writing career to the next level with this, so would love your support in this transition. While I haven’t started adding content there yet, I will within this next week and look forward to seeing you all at my new site eventually.

Check me out at my new Substack site @ as I kick off this new site.

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  1. I am praying for you of course. But somehow, I feel that I will lose you. I don’t think I can follow you somewhere else. And that makes me sad. But I want you to move forward no matter what and I will always support you and pray for you.

    1. It’s ok, if you sign up with an account on Substack, it will automatically email you when I post. It doesn’t require you to pay anything. You have been an incredible support and I am very thankful for you😁💗 Let me send you the link again. It will still be a few months so don’t worry

      1. I just think I subscribed. I thought it would be harder than that. Ok I will not worry about you, I think. Hope it works for you.🤗🤗🤗

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