Exposing The Young

Material They Should Not See And Decisions They Should Not Have To Make

Truthfully, I just do not understand!

What I don’t understand is why so many people today have no problem whatsoever exposing young children to what most adults did not easily find without really searching for it years ago. But it is SO easy!

What I’m referring to is that our society has become over-sexualized. We have drag queens in our schools, LGBTQ+ in our kindergarten classes and sexual and sex change agendas regularly in our entertainment!

It is even on our daily news and in our social media news feeds. I’m glad that I am aware of this and I don’t like it one bit. I just can’t turn a blind eye to it though. It is wrong to pretend that it doesn’t exist. For now I know where to go and not to go. What companies to buy from and support and who not to support but our kids don’t and I believe they are being exploited.

Three Current Examples

Pizza Hut Big Wig Book

When my children were young, I took them monthly to get a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for reading a certain number of books over the summer or monthly. Now, what they get is information on Drag Queens with a new book that has been added to their list. At this point, my kids are now adults; but I also have four grandchildren. Under no circumstances would I support this book program and support Pizza Hut giving my grandchildren books on this topic! They just do NOT need to be exposed to this!

Thankfully, now I see that people are speaking out on this and Pizza Hut is facing backlash over this book and other books that they have embraced. I am very disappointed by any company that provides material for young children to read about any sexual topic. They don’t need to be exposed to this especially by anyone other than their own family.

State Farm unable to provide LGBTQ books to Children

State Farm Insurance Company attempted to provide some books to children but they were halted as well. The more that people stand up and say “NO,” the more we will stop companies from providing material that should not be available to children.

Drag Queen Event at a Gay bar in Dallas TX

This past weekend in Dallas Texas, children were take to a bar. This seems strange, doesn’t it? After all, most don’t go to a bar until they are at least young adults unless they sneak in with a fake ID or friend who is old enough to sneak them in. But a “Child Friendly” show was held at a Dallas Gay Bar this past weekend. The sign inside the bar even said, “it’s not going to lick itself”. They were at a Drag show. Currently, lawmakers are acting to prevent this in the future and plenty were protesting as well.

In My Community

I had an online conversation with several people in the area in which I live, this past weekend. We were discussing how a local middle school shelved sexual, bordering on pornographic material in the library. Most of the people in the conversation were parents that definitely said, “absolutely not.”

Only a few people had no problem with this book being made available to children. One response was, “have a parent just block their child from checking out that book”. But what about other students whose parents don’t know and had no chance to object? Students can show other students a book regardless of knowing the parents position on topics such as this. Just the bare fact though that it is brought into the school library for anyone to have access, is a shame. Honestly, it was gross!

The school is providing access in this situation and are enabling students to read material that they should not be reading! They are willing participants in a hyper-sexualized agenda that has swept our country. It isn’t even the same as a public library making this available. As a mother, I would expect a school that my children attend, to provide quality material for my children to read, not a book that I consider to be perverted.

Concrete Action Opportunity

One person who is standing up as I am is a good freind of mine. She is running for our state legislature in Missouri. Knowing her personally, if you are in Missouri and she is on your ballot in August, I’d highly encourage you to check out Carla Klaskin. She believes in family values. Her info and what she is going to Jefferson City to fight for can be found

at https://www.klaskinforpatriots.com

She also has encouraged folks in Missouri to check out SB775 and sign it as it goes to the Governor’s office for his signature at https://legiscan.com/MO/text/SB775/2022

Back In The Day…

I had to decide if I wanted chocolate milk, whole milk or 2% when I was a young student in school. The content and vocabulary now, didn’t exist and were never taught when I was young and as my husband and I were raising our children. That is our job and I do not want anyone else teaching my children this subject material. Unfortunately too, most are glorifying these lifestyles, another thing that, as a mother and grandmother, I find totally unacceptable. Exposure to anything sexual to kids under a certain age used to be illegal. In fact, it still is illegal in the workplace. It’s called sexual harassment. But it’s somehow embraced and even pushed to groom children to think in this depraved manner?

In Our Current Culture

We live in a world now that parents are not told or consulted anymore regarding what their children are taught. In fact, some teachers wanted to make sure during covid that parents weren’t even nearby to hear what they told the students. Parents, please keep your eyes and ears open! We don’t live in the same world that you and I grew up in, not to mention many generations before us. This newest generation is learning unbelievable things. Watch, listen and take a stand to protect your children!

You See, “Times, They Are A Changing…” They Say

“You know, times have changed”, so many say. They sure have. These are decisions that schools in some circles are influencing young children to change about themselves that will affect their entire lives! The decision to change their gender is an example. Don’t let someone influence them in a decision that they may regret for the rest of their lives!

Why Children Should Not Be Influenced

Children already have trouble and hurt lives with parents who are separated, divorced or were never married; all of which have become all too commonplace these days. Children don’t understand why one family is made of a man and a woman and another is made of a man and man or woman and woman. I am deeply hurt to see what young children see and experience at incredibly young ages now. I see it myself and I know children going through hard things that children should never see and experience.

Parents, Please Be Aware And Involved!

For parents who don’t have time and don’t learn about what is happening in schools these days and in our culture, please, I beg you! Please get involved! Learn about, research and verify what your children are learning in school. Watch the news if you can and keep up with it. If at all possible, be very involved in the PTA, be on the school board, but do not sit idly by and let exposure just happen! If you don’t have time for all of that, I do. Please feel free to continue to read my newsletter as I will share with you the links to what I see happening.

Bolder Every Year To Expose

If it wasn’t so current, I may not have learned of so many events that are happening in the past two to three weeks. Day after Day and Year to Year, I see more boldness, more guts to expose to younger people, to newer places and newer reading material and movies and shows. Being that it is Pride month, I am sure has heightened this boldness to an even greater extent. Please be aware! Make the right choices and never be afraid to stand up and say and do what is right!

Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

This is my first post on Substack and I know that I am taking on a lot in this first post! I am bold though and willing to share if it helps parents or anyone around children, to become involved in doing what is right in our culture and communities right now. I will give you more Scriptural references and examples in future posts so stay tuned to be aware and equipped.

Please check out my Substack site at the link above.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, we are back to Sodom and Gomorrah again!!! Too much of the world has an excuse to justify what they know is wrong, but they don’t care. To them, if it feels right to them specifically, they believe and accept it as truth. It isn’t what God says in His Word though. There will be a lot of surprises before long!

  1. I am so encouraged when I read about your job as parents. Schools in this country began as an extension of what children were learning at home. I’m not sure how well it’s working out to turn the arrow the other way. You’re encouraging parents to be involved in important ways. Thank goodness, and God bless you.

  2. It is tragic that our society is going this way, but as Pat Boone (raising five daughters said) we cannot isolate our children from the world, but we must insulate them. We must start at younger ages to insulate them against the filth and perversions of our society, and as you recommend, raise our voices whenever applicable to object to children being taken to bars, shown sexually suggestive or perverted material.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    1. Thank you😁 Are you doing ok? I hadn’t heard from you for a couple of weeks, but I have been super busy too taking care of family more. Hope you all are doing well! I’m doing some new things with my blogging. I hope that you can follow me over to Substack too, but it will still be several months before I am completely off of WordPress. God bless!

      1. I’d be happy to add you to my list to send a direct email with a link to my posts and we can talk about it directly via email. Is that ok? That way, you won’t have to go through several others posts. You have been a huge support and blessing and I definitely want to keep in touch. Daniel and I plan to go through Lexington still and visit, then go to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, if the Lord wills this Fall. I will still be online with wordpress for several more months though!

  3. My heart is with you, this depravity makes me sick and the acceptance of it is even worse? If society accepts things that 10 years ago would have been frowned upon, what will society be accepting in 10 years if the moral decline continues? God save us before we destroy ourselves. God bless and thank you for speaking the truth!

  4. The examples cited are not good for children, I agree. I do think a scaler learning plan is overdue to remove the excess but not ignore the need to teach tolerance and inclusion.

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