While We Watch And Wait

The decision on whether to overturn “Roe” has been a long process. People have been waiting for years to see if this decision will change or remain the same. If the SCOTUS overturns “Roe”, will the decision make abortion illegal nationwide, or will it simply return oversight to the states as it was before the original Roe v Wade decision?

The decision would send it back to the states to determine abortion rights for their own states essentially moving the decision closer to the “will of the people”.

The states decision will also include what their own state will allow for women from other states who travel to have an abortion. For example, I heard a few weeks ago that Colorado allows women from Texas past a certain week, to come and have an abortion since the law in Texas has recently changed. While we watch and wait though, many things are happening. I heard this evening that the Supreme Court has made a decision; but we are still awaiting the result.

Intimidation At Home

I find it so wrong that people are protesting at the homes of a few of our Supreme Court Justices such as Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Samuel Alito. You may not know it, but that is against the law! Two men have appeared at the home of Justice Kavanaugh threatening to kill him. While people could protest out on any street which would be a legal exercise of their first amendment rights; many have searched for the addresses of some of the Supreme Court Justices and arrived to protest at their home, breaking the law and justifying it with the first amendment.

The group named “Ruth Sent Us”, named after the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is protesting outside of the justices homes even today. This group is responsible for making the home addresses available to those who want to protest (or “doxing” the Justices and putting them in jeopardy). I did just read that the House signed a bill today to protect the Justices of the Supreme Court. They are waiting for President Biden to sign it now.

This is what happened in fact this week when a young man came all the way from California, stating that he wanted to kill Justice Kavanaugh. He did not kill him though. Instead, his conscience got the better of him and he dialed 911 resulting in his arrest. Another man showed up as well later, again to kill Justice Kavanaugh, but again was unsuccessful. We should be concerned for the protection of these justices and their families. With Amy Coney Barrett, they have threatened her children. These events are a blatant effort to use threat of violence to influence the decision of these Justices.

Why Doesn’t The Government Stop The Threats?

So, where is the justice department and why are they doing nothing (or little at best) to correct this? There are so many reasons why people in our government in general insist that Roe V Wade cannot be overturned. I believe that money is a large reason that our legislators allow abortion and the government will go to any length to be sure that abortion continues. Scientific researchers and others spend a lot of money to buy dead baby carcasses. Science will figure out a lot about a human body that is young. They will test and even create and manufacture medication from aborted babies.

Why do so many people, including and besides women, insist on making abortion legal on a federal level, not just a state level? Some states shut down the ability for a woman to have an abortion already but plenty of states have not. In fact, they have gone so far out of their way to allow women in from other states just so a woman can have her abortion.

These states currently allowing abortions may even arrange transportation, lodging and other things to make it easy and convenient when her state won’t allow it. So if so many states still make it possible, why do we still need the federal government to allow it? Women can still go get their abortions if they insist on having one and supporting others to have one.

Vanity So Strong That Some Will End A Life

It deeply disturbed me about a month ago when I heard that a young woman who was pregnant, wanted an abortion for the sole reason that she wanted to have a good looking body at the beach during the summer! Women tried to talk her out of having an abortion, and especially for this reason, but she did not listen and she still had one performed.

An Overview of State Abortion Laws

While many states currently allow abortion, it’s amazing the compromises they make to allow or justify abortion. Look at this list of state abortion laws!

Information here is provided by the Guttmacher Institute:

  • 38 states require a licensed physician to perform an abortion
  • 19 states require performing an abortion in a hospital after a specific point in the pregnancy
  • 17 states require the involvement of a second physician after a specific point
  • 43 states prohibit abortion after a specific point in pregnancy, except when necessary to protect the woman’s life
  • 21 states have laws prohibiting “partial-birth abortions (three apply only to post-viability abortions)
  • 16 states use their own funds to pay for all or most medically necessary abortions for Medicaid enrollees
  • 33 states and the District of Columbia prohibit the use of state funds except when federal funds are available (where the woman’s life is in danger or is the result of incest or rape)
  • 12 states restrict abortion coverage in private insurance plans (most often limiting coverage for when a woma’s life is in danger)
  • 45 states allow individual health care providers to refuse to participate in an abortion
  • 42 states allow institutions to refuse to perform abortions (16 of which limit regular to private or religious institutions
  • 18 states require counseling the mother before an abortion. That counseling must include information on at least one of the following: the purported link between abortion and breast cancer (5 states), the ability of a fetus to feel pain (13 states), or long-term mental health consequences for the women (8 states)
  • 25 states require a woman seeking an abortion to wait a period of time, usually 24 hours, between receiving counseling and the procedure (12 of these states have laws that require the woman to make two separate trips to the clinic to obtain the procedure)
  • 37 states require some type of parental involvement in a minor’s decision to have an abortion (27 states require one or both parents to consent to the procedure, and ten require that one or both parents be notified).

You can read the list of every state’s laws on this link as well. https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/abortion-laws-by-state

The Threat Is Real And In Multiple Locations

The very fact that violence is going on now and will escalate when we hear the official results, is concerning. Groups have promised “A Night of Rage” to influence and display anger at the decisions that Justices make. All over the country, we expect to see protests and fights. The news has reported about thirteen pregnancy care centers burnt to the ground and/or vandalized because so many “pro-choice” people are so angry, waiting for the results of this case.

Pro-choice supporters after all, are concerned that women won’t be able to raise their child or children, so why do they destroy the very places that offer hope and help? If they truly believe in choice, why do they work so hard to remove the choice of women who want to keep their babies and get actual healthcare help to keep their pregnancies healthy? The very organizations that can help them, they go destroy then attack those who support the pro-life movement. I’m sure it is why they destroy individuals and organizations that go against their beliefs. Churches will likely face threats also due to this decision because many do tend to believe and support the Pro-life stand.

Value Life, All Life

I wish that women and men, all over the country understood what the consequences are for having an abortion. It is not just about not having a child that a woman doesn’t choose to have. The “my body, my choice” slogan is simply not honest. Inside of a pregnant woman’s body is another individual’s body. He or she should have a chance to live. I saw a point made the other day that “my body, my choice” is very much analogous to claiming “my house, my rules”. But neither gives the “owner” the right to kill their child living inside.

If a girl or woman can’t care for the child, they can find someone who is willing to adopt. Many families want to adopt. What I do want to see happen is adoption costs to lower. It is expensive, but there are lawyers and organizations who are willing to work with people seeking adoption.

They Go To Great Lengths

An additional way that Planned Parenthood is making abortions possible is through chemical abortions. The mother takes two pills which essentially causes the mother to miscarry. I really wish that women knew the truth about abortions as there are health risks though for a woman that she may be unaware of. Unfortunately, this industry is going to incredible lengths to keep abortions legal and possible and minimize the consequences. A woman has a greater chance of developing breast cancer as an example as well as future chances of infertility. It is possible to bleed heavily and hemorrhage then need surgery.

Fighting For Life, The Age Does Not Matter, Neither Does The Method

So people fight and protest for their rights to an abortion. School shootings upset people like in Uvalde, Texas a couple of weeks ago. Gun control becomes a big topic of discussion to the point of infringing on constitutional gun rights, believing that no one should own a certain firearm. Then some believe certain circumstances should exist in order to own them. People start arguing on the news again about what is acceptable and what is not.

What I find so interesting is that the gun control lobbyists fight to restrict firearms because of the death of children. However, the same leftist groups have no problem with abortions and fight to make them legal. In 2019, mass shootings accounted for the deaths of 517 people in the U.S. according to the Congressional Research Service. However, according to the CDC, in the same year (2019), women aborted almost 630,000 innocent babies in the womb. When we look closely at our government, fighting for life is not truly fighting for life. It is only if it meets their agenda. Otherwise, caring for human life means nothing to them.

They will fight to take away the life of those who decide the laws in the USA. Too much lobbying and money is at stake though, so once again, the lives of our Justices in the Supreme Court and their families don’t matter. I wrote earlier that the House has chosen to pass a bill to protect the Justices. It sure took a while though. Our congressional leaders must become more responsive to protect them much sooner as protesters arrive at their homes. This time is not the first either that Roe v Wade went to the Supreme Court.

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  1. Seems like we should be able to say violence is wrong no matter who does it, or who the victim is. Why can’t we protect both unborn children and fourth graders? It’s not either/or. People with a “consistent life ethic” would argue for laws that reduce both abortion AND the ability of the wrong people to get their hands on guns.

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