You Are Going In The Wrong Direction, Make A U-Turn

A Place Called Grace by Phillips, Craig and Dean Lately, I have been watching, hearing and reading a lot of material with one main theme: Make a change, or make a u-turn. Simply put, the theme is one of repentance. People in the Bible such as King David and the Apostle Paul made some pretty... Continue Reading →

Christ is our Kinsman Redeemer – A Beautiful Picture In The Old Testament The Book Of Ruth by The Bible Project I just finished reading the book of Ruth as I go through the Bible this year. Often I heard the term “Kinsman Redeemer when hearing sermons on Ruth. Because I didn't really understand the term, I began researching and reading the book of Ruth more to... Continue Reading →

The Great Offense

Forgiveness - Matthew West Everyday there is a new cancel culture offense, it seems. Last week we heard on the news about Teen Vogue Editor Alexi McCammond. The week before we heard about people offended by Dr Seuss books! The news is constantly reporting another cancellation of another person or company due to their position... Continue Reading →

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