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+ Is it Worth It?

The Struggle-Is It Worth It?

I see so many around me hurt right now. They hurt for many reasons. I hurt just watching people deal with current events. People, so many, are getting sick. They are getting sick and dying in record numbers. We started hearing about the Corona Virus back in December. Wuhan, China got it first, then Italy and other major countries, but we heard of it … Read More The Struggle-Is It Worth It?


A Little Pill

My History I have taken a specific little pill most of my life. This pill, called Synthroid (Levothyroxin), is used to manage my thyroid levels by supplementing the amount of thyroxin in my body. I get my blood levels tested, either every six months or once each year, depending on the need for adjustment. All I knew growing up, was that I had to … Read More A Little Pill

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