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Driving Through The Storm Give Him the Wheel!


I found that I am prepared for driving through the storm, best when I give Him the wheel! The experiences I have in life have demonstrated to me that when I anticipate a storm, I brace myself and start preparing. This last weekend, my husband and I left our area to go visit my sister… Continue reading Driving Through The Storm Give Him the Wheel!

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Consider The Temporary and the Eternal


Well Done by The Afters Consider An Eternal Perspective! When we think about what really matters in life, we often consider what we are bothered and upset about. We wonder "why"? There are a lot of "why's" that I thought of very recently! Let's take a moment to consider the temporary and the eternal. I… Continue reading Consider The Temporary and the Eternal

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In Bright or Dim Lights – Let’s See Him!


Thy Will by Hillary Scott The Lights One thing I love during the fall and winter is seeing lights. Some are very bright and some are rather dim, low lights and some are candles. Either way, they are beautiful! I've been thinking of this as it pertains to our life, especially during the holidays. Some… Continue reading In Bright or Dim Lights – Let’s See Him!

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Who We Should Thank and Why- Understand the Sacrifice!


It is important to understand who we should thank and why we should be thankful. We have a specific day in November each year set aside for Thanksgiving. It is a fun day to get together with family and friends to eat. Sometimes we get ourselves worked up over all the details we put into… Continue reading Who We Should Thank and Why- Understand the Sacrifice!

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Our Grief – Let’s Care For Those Who Hurt


With Veterans Day approaching, we know that many have experienced loss that is sudden! Their family and close friends have experienced grief! They were known and loved as they made a huge impact, giving their life for the freedom we experience. We can be so thankful that they cared not only for us, but for… Continue reading Our Grief – Let’s Care For Those Who Hurt

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Four Values I Learned from Mr. Rogers


When I was a child, I loved watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood! This show touched my heart very much and Mr Rogers' values taught me some important life lessons that I still value today. Since a movie came out last year called "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" about Mr Rogers and his life and a movie… Continue reading Four Values I Learned from Mr. Rogers

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Real Change- Let’s Choose Freedom!


Free by Steven Curtis Chapman Change Is Constant for Christians " Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on [a]so that I may lay hold of that [b]for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus."Philippians 3:12 NASB Often, I read of changes in someone's… Continue reading Real Change- Let’s Choose Freedom!

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Blowing Whistles


Impeachment, Whistleblower, Ukraine... these are words I have heard often this last week. Everyone has an opinion on what happened. We hear from one news channel to the next, their opinion of what is happening right now. Some state facts. I've read news reports and many views on social media sites of Who did What… Continue reading Blowing Whistles

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Please Intercede!


Pray by Sanctus Real Horizontal: God and I We often think that a Pastor or Priest has to go to the Lord to intercede on our behalf to confess or pray for certain things that we are concerned about. God allows us to go to Him though, directly when we want to talk to Him.… Continue reading Please Intercede!

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Attitude of Gratitude


Enemy by The Newsboys Grateful for Protection Yesterday, we remembered the 18th anniversary of 9/11. We mourn all those lost on this day. but we can be grateful when we think of those who rescued those hurt in this horrid event. There are also many people to thank for fighting for our freedom. This is… Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude