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+ In Honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month

Remember National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month! Many of us were surprised this year when we heard of the celebrity Cameron Boyce, Disney Channel star passed away. His cause of death was due to epilepsy, but specifically SUDEP. Hearing that a person can pass away with Epilepsy is a surprise to many and many people were saddened by his death. Cameron’s parents have since created … Read More Remember National Epilepsy Awareness Month!


Love and Learn

A Tragic Loss Over the weekend, many news channels, posts and articles were written, telling us of Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce’s death from a seizure at age 20! Twenty years old is such a young age to die, and it seems strange I’m sure to many who are unaware of seizures and Epilepsy, that someone can die from having a seizure. Unfortunately, many … Read More Love and Learn

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