Let’s Look At Proverbs 19 Today In A Month Of Wisdom

Let's look at Proverbs 19 today and see what we can apply to our life! Accept Discipline Throughout Proverbs, we continue reading verses regarding people who accept discipline. They are wise! We are told as parents, also, to discipline our children. Verse 18 tells us to discipline our children for in that there is hope!... Continue Reading →

Love and Learn

Scars by I Am They A Tragic Loss Over the weekend, many news channels, posts and articles were written, telling us of Disney Channel actor Cameron Boyce’s death from a seizure at age 20! Twenty years old is such a young age to die, and it seems strange I’m sure to many who are unaware... Continue Reading →

When I Don’t Understand

Last week, a young successful author passed away. She left a husband , very young children and a kind, godly family. She has been the subject of many posts lately. Some have trouble understanding why God allowed this to happen. I was praying for her when I heard that she was very ill. She was... Continue Reading →

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