The One And Only, True Judge And Lawgiver

We often hear the question, "Who are you to judge me?' Or, we aren't supposed to judge! Do we really understand what it means to judge ? Who is the one and only true judge and lawgiver? James 4:12 specifically says that "There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to... Continue Reading →

A Month of Wisdom from Proverbs-Chapter 3

I sure am enjoying the 4th of July weekend so far! Are you? My husband and I enjoy fellowship a lot with people from our church. We did that today for lunch and dinner. I hope that you enjoy celebrating our nation's Independence as well as take an opportunity to study a month of wisdom... Continue Reading →

Marriage Takes Real Commitment!

Marriages Are Failing Today Daily, we see news stories of A-list celebrity couples who have decided that it is time to end their marriages. Some just say that their marriage has been too rocky and some say that they have ended things on "good terms". I ask myself though, if they are ending their marriage... Continue Reading →

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