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+ Driving through the storm give Him the wheel!

Driving Through The Storm Give Him the Wheel!

I found that I am prepared for driving through the storm, best when I give Him the wheel! The experiences I have in life have demonstrated to me that when I anticipate a storm, I brace myself and start preparing. This last weekend, my husband and I left our area to go visit my sister and her family. They live around six hours away … Read More Driving Through The Storm Give Him the Wheel!


Please Intercede!

Horizontal: God and I We often think that a Pastor or Priest has to go to the Lord to intercede on our behalf to confess or pray for certain things that we are concerned about. God allows us to go to Him though, directly when we want to talk to Him. I am thankful for this! While it is good to let our pastor … Read More Please Intercede!

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