Let’s Look At Proverbs 20 Today In A Month Of Wisdom

Today, we will look at a new theme. The fact that alcohol can have so much control over those who drink it is a fact that some ignore or are unaware of. Many think it is "funny" that alcohol controls the way it does. The first verse in Chapter 20 states that "wine is a... Continue Reading →

Consider The Temporary and the Eternal

Well Done by The Afters Consider An Eternal Perspective! When we think about what really matters in life, we often consider what we are bothered and upset about. We wonder "why"? There are a lot of "why's" that I thought of very recently! Let's take a moment to consider the temporary and the eternal. I... Continue Reading →

On Purpose

Broken and Beautiful by Mark Schultz For those of us who have children already, when we see that someone is hurt, we ask our child,"was this an accident or did you do this on purpose?" They get real quiet and say that they did it on purpose! This means usually that they thought about it... Continue Reading →

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